Clothing & Helmets

Lion Apparel

Each and every day, we fulfill the personal safety, readiness, and identity needs of our customers worldwide. - Lion Apparel

Phenix Helmets

For over 30 years, PHENIX TECHNOLOGY has provided top of the line compliant firefighter head safety systems, and they are still used with complete satisfaction by thousands of firefighters throughout the world.

Haix Boots

Our family business, which is both traditional and modern, has set a high goal for itself: fulfilling the security needs of our customers while maintaining the extremely high quality standards of our products. The high demands that we place on the quality of our shoes are the same as those we place on ourselves. With every pair sold, I guarantee this with our HAIX® brand name.   - Ewald Haimerl (Managing Director)

Cyclone Drying Systems

Our professional Turnout Drying Appliance organizes and safely dries turnouts quickly while extending their usable life by as much as 25% Fire equipment managers understand that money saved by not replacing turnouts prematurely can be spent on personnel or other life saving equipment.

Online Store

We also offer a selection of used, overstocked, and trade-in fire equipment. Visit our store for great bargains.