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  • Covert Armor ASPC Plate Carrier

    The AS, Active Shooter Plate Carrier is designed for protection when the situation escalates beyond you patrol vest. Capable of carrying up to 10×12 Level IIIA, III or IV rifle grade armor with MOLLE front for  load carrying capacity, front and back loop area for ID panels. Available options include, assortment of pouches to carry specialty items, shoulder pads, Level IIIA Soft Armor Ballistic Inserts and a full assortment of rifle plates.  Made from 1000d Cordura and handcrafted in the USA.

  • Covert Armor C3 First Responder Carrier

    The C3 First Responder Carrier is designed for use with new or existing concealment ballistic panels. The C3 is a load bearing specialty equipment carrier that features a MOLLE system providing users with versatile configuration options. Designed for protection when the situation escalates and additional equipment is warranted. Manufactured using extremely durable 1000 denier Cordura nylon and handcrafted in the USA. The C3 is also available with a fixed pocket configuration with four (4) sewn on pockets. Available options include Level II or IIIA Soft Armor Ballistic Inserts and a full assortment of MOLLE pouches. Loop area for ID placard placement.

  • Covert Armor F1 Universal Fire Carrier

    The F1 Universal Fire Carrier is the complete solution for the most demanding conditions. The F1 is designed for Fire and EMS first responder personnel as a 1 size fits all alleviating the need to make sure you have a properly sized vest that fits if the situation warrants. When worn in conjunction with our NIJ 0101.06 certified Level IIIA soft armor panels inserted making this the perfect vest for dangerous domestic calls and adding 10”x 12” hard armor rifle plates you have the perfect Active Shooter Vest for any situation. The F1 colors and design were based on Firefighters gear and not LE so there is no confusion in the field.

  • Covert Armor F2 Universal Plate Carrier

    The F2 Universal Plate Carrier is designed around the most demanding conditions of a Rescue Task Force and to address some of the functionality options not available from other products. The F2 design as a Fire and EMS scalable body armor vest that will accommodate all sizes of optional hard armor rifle plates, Level III & IV in the front and back affording better coverage for the user based on body size. The oversize cummerbund has 3 points of expansion to fit a broader range of users and offers the best side coverage in the industry. The cummerbund is also available with or without a MOLLE system for additional load carrying capacity as well as capabilities of inserting Level IIIA soft armor and/or side armor rifle plates up to 8″x 8″.When worn in conjunction with our optional Level IIIA bicep protection and groin making this vest ideal for Tactical Medics and Active Shooter situations. The F2 colors and design like the F1 were based on Firefighters gear and not LE so there is no confusion in the field.

  • Covert Armor P1 Fire Carrier

    The P1 Fire Carrier was designed for Firefighters and EMS personnel who need the upgraded protection of a ballistic carrier system with expandable load carrying capacity. The P1 utilizes closed cell foam front and back to protect the upper body and reduce trauma during operations as well as the shoulders to relieve load stress on the operator. The base model is ideal for active shooter scenarios and can be upgraded to a full tactical entry system allowing the operator to choose the options based on the threat. Available options include, Side Cummerbund System, Side Cummerbund Hard Armor Plates, Shoulder Pads, Level IIIA Soft Armor Ballistic Inserts and a full assortment of pouches.

  • Covert Armor H1-ACH IIIA Helmet

    The H1 ACH IIIA High Cut Helmet is designed according to the latest US Military requirements, utilizing the most advanced ballistic protection against handgun threats. The shell is composed of multi-layered Kevlar based advanced composite. The harness assembly consists of the ACH Comfort suspension system and a four point harness with a leather lined chin strap. The reduced profile enables a wider peripheral and upward field of view, for better situational awareness and unrestricted movement, and also accommodates protective goggles, night vision(NVG), and a communication system. The helmet can be fitted with ballistic or riot visors. The H1 ACH IIIA is the ideal helmet for use by ground troops, police forces and special units working in the urban Jungle.

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