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  • Edwards Model 600 Cord Reel

    To keep away from tangled, kinked and knotted cords that can be reclaimed with a minimum amount of time.

    Cord Capacity:

    100 ft. —– 10-3

    125 ft. —– 12-3

    175 ft. —-  14-3

  • Edwards Model 625 Cord Reel

    This type of reel allows you to have cord in long lengths and handle them with ease. With heavy cord you have less line voltage loss and have plenty of power to operate heavy electrical equipment.

    Cord Capacity:

    150 ft. —– 10-3

    225 ft. —-  12-3

  • Edwards Model 90 Cord Reel

    Totally enclosed collector that will allow you instant use of any amount of cord, free of knots and kinks. Reel provides compact, safe storage that will add to long cord life.

    Cord Capacity:

    50 ft. —– 14-3

    100 ft. —- 16-3

  • Edwards Model 90-2 Cord Reel

    Convenience of a smaller reel with greater cord capacity.

    Cord Capacity:

    50 ft. —— 12-3

    75 ft. —– 14-3

    125 ft. —– 16-3

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