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  • Paratech Hooligan Tool $246.35$287.25

    The Hooligan Tool is one of the world’s most popular forcible entry tools. These heavy-duty tools were designed to pound, puncture, pry, twist, and cut all types of barriers encountered by emergency service personnel.

  • Paratech Mounting Bracket (Set of 2) $71.85

    Spring loaded mounting brackets for use with Hooligan, Kelly, Hook & Claw, Pry-Axe & Buster tools.

  • Paratech PRT Rambar Kit $732.15

    PRT Rambar Kit includes:
    PRT Bar
    Lockbreaker Claw

  • Paratech Pry-Axe $403.00$456.85

    The Pry-Axe is a lightweight, multipurpose, ‘Slam & Ram’ tool designed to pry, enlarge openings, cut sheet metal and twist off locks and latches. This efficient tool lets every firefighter force entry, rescue and ventilate without waiting for help. The Pry-Axe is small enough to carry and rugged enough for most jobs.

  • Paratech SPF Hooligan Tool $318.25

    The SPF Hooligan is a single-piece forged (SPF) tool intended to exceed FDNY specifications for their primary handheld forcible entry tools. It is the very first redesigned, (features included) single piece Halligan type tool.

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