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  • Remco ColorCore 11″ Dustpan

    Use this dustpan to collect debris ranging from fine powders to larger bits and pieces. The ColorCore bench brush conveniently nests in the dustpan’s handle for storage.

  • Remco ColorCore 22″ Foam Blade Squeegee, Double

    The foam blade on this squeegee can handle large amounts of water and floor cleaning chemicals at one time, providing a fast, thorough cleaning. Works with any ColorCore handle.

  • Remco ColorCore 24″ Push Broom
    This wide push broom cleans floors faster, making it a great choice for restaurant dining rooms or busy hallways. Works with any ColorCore handle.
  • Remco ColorCore 50″ Fiberglass Handle

    Fiberglass handles are durable and long-lasting. This length is lighter and easier to use for most workers. It has Euro threading and attaches to any ColorCore broom, brush, or squeegees.

  • Remco Hygienic Fork

    The hygienic fork has a reinforced handle with an inner aluminum tube. It is stepped in two places which helps to prevent back injuries. It is mostly used for emptying out fresh produce from large containers.

  • Remco One-Piece Shovel with 14 Inch Blade

    Remco one-piece polypropylene shovels are tough, lightweight and hygienic. Molded from FDA-compliant polypropylene, it is a workhorse for moving bulk materials and an integral part of any professional cross–contamination containment, food safety or HACCP program. Initially developed over 30 years ago, our one-piece shovel doesn’t just meet the standard, it sets the standard.

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