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  • LION ERS Extended Response Suit

    The ERS (Extended Response Suit) protects against lower levels of vapor and liquid concentrations that may be encountered in the Warm Zone when deployed with the proper ensemble. This one piece, front entry suit is breathable for deployment over an extended period of time.

  • LION MT94 Multi-Threat Ensamble

    The MT94™ (Multi-Threat) CBRN ensemble offers first responders advanced protection when facing some of the world’s worst chemical and biological threats. There are models designed specifically for law enforcement, fire, EOD and military use. The MT94 is available in front entry and rear entry configurations.

  • Tingley HazProof Boot

    The world’s most advanced Hazmat boot.

    Certified to NFPA 1991 Edition 2016 for chemical and hazmat cleanup, emergency response, and domestic preparedness. Made of special polymer material, this comfortable boot meets the protective footwear chemical permeation requirements of NFPA 1991 Standard on Vapor-Protective Ensembles for Hazardous Materials Emergencies. The HazProof® boot has also been tested to Military Standard 282 and will provide protection against certain chemical warfare blister and nerve agents!

    Ideal Applications: Chemical and Hazmat Cleanup
    Chemical Resistance: Hazardous Waste. See ASTM F1001 Listing & MIL-STD-282 Listing.

  • Saint-Gobain ONESUIT Flash 2

    ONESUIT® Flash 2 is the toughest, most durable chemical protective suit certified to the 2016 Edition of the NFPA 1991 standard, offering unsurpassed chemical flash fire resistance and the highest level of protection against chemical and biological agents.

    Designed for excellent mobility and user comfort, ONESUIT® Flash 2 comes standard with Saint-Gobain’s new ONESUIT® Hazglove-91 high performance chemical protective gloves.

    ONESUIT® Flash 2 – Maximum performance! Maximum protection! Maximum safety!

  • Saint-Gobain ONESUIT Pro 2

    ONESUIT® Pro 2 is the most affordable chemical protective suit, certified to the NFPA 1991, standard, offering the highest level of protection against chemical and biological agents. This is achieved at a price comparable to less protective garments.

    Designed to allow for excellent maneuverability and user comfort, ONESUIT® Pro 2 comes standard with Saint-Gobain’s new ONESUIT® Hazglove-91 high performance chemical protective gloves. ONESUIT® Pro2 offers maximum protection at a minimum price.

  • Saint-Gobain ONESUIT Shield 2

    ONESUIT® Shield 2 combines uncompromised protection with exceptional comfort in a Level B configuration. Certified to CBRN First Response and Chemical Splash standards, this lightweight and durable garment provides enhanced mobility for performing the most demanding tasks.

    The unique facemask interface provides a vapor tight configuration for maximum protection during CBRN or splash exposure.

  • Saint-Gobain ONESUIT Trainer

    ONESUIT® Trainer is a fully-encapsulating “Level A” training suit for training purposes only. Built with the same design as your certified ONESUIT® Level A suit, and constructed using flexible and durable CORETECH® materials, ONESUIT® Trainer allows you to train and simulate operating in a ONESUIT® without the risk of damaging a high-value certified suit.

    ONESUIT® Trainer features Saint-Gobain’s single-layer anti-fog visor, providing superior visual clarity and permanent anti-fog resistance. The suit may be used repeatedly for as long as it remains functional, and its simple design does not require extensive maintenance beyond simple hygienic cleaning.

    ONESUIT® Trainer’s high visibility color makes it easily identifiable, and is clearly marked “For Training Use Only” to prevent inadvertent use in an actual incident.

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