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  • Super Vac Exhaust Extend

    Exhaust Extension For Gas Fan (Specify Fan Model)

    This extension removes exhaust emissions away from the
    gas engine and PPV intake.

  • Super Vac Fan Vinyl Cover

    Vinyl Cover, Fans 24″ and Smaller (Specify Fan Model)

    Protect your Super Vac PPV with a vinyl fan cover. Available in red or yellow for all PPVs and Smoke Ejectors up to 30″.

  • Super Vac Door Bar

    Door Bar

    The Door Bar deploys easily and features a pull trigger for quick release. Used in conjunction with the Hanger, they permit fan placement at any height.

  • Super Vac Hanger Set

    Hanger Set

    Dual Hangers allows you to hang a smoke ejector virtually anywhere — ladders, doors, windows, basements, archways and more. Used in conjunction with the Door Bar, they permit fan placement at any height.

  • Super Vac Mountain Mister

    Mountain Mister

    The Super Vac Mountain Mister can convert any fan into a cooling unit for rehabilitation.

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