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  • Hot Shield Wildland Firefighter Face Mask $85.00

    The Hot Shield Model HS-2 Wildland Firefighter Face Mask is a patented (U.S. Patents 5,628,308 and 5,823,188) highly flame resistant face protector designed by firefighters for use in all wildland firefighting operations. The HS-2 offers the extreme protection against burns to the face/neck with the added benefit of blocking and reducing the inhalation of smoke & ash particulate. Multiple layers of patented CarbonX help maintain the crucial airspace firefighters want and human skin needs to survive extreme temperatures. The soft comfortable inside liners (also CarbonX) absorb perspiration, adding to user comfort.

    No other mask on the market can make these claims!

  • Hot Shield Wildland Firefighter Ultimate Bandana $70.20

    Are you looking for something better than the standard cotton bandanna you wore on your last brushfire? Don’t want a mask that uses a N-95 style filter or cartridge style filter? Maybe you would prefer a garment that is as handy and light as your bandanna,  but is super easy to breathe through and protects your face from flying burning embers and ash? The Ultimate Bandanna UB-V2 maybe just for you. The UB-V2 offers the top performance protection of CarbonX, yet doesn’t require a filter of any kind.

    The firefighters at Hot Shield USA realize we all have our own preferences when it comes to personal protective equipment.  While our popular HS-2 model has proved itself and is very popular, there are some of you who prefer a  “minimalist” design. Yet those of you who do, also realize the limitations of a cotton bandanna. It is for these firefighters that we invented the Ultimate Bandanna UB-V2. This mask is a nearly 100% fireproof facial protection garment that is easier to use, take off and put on than any mask or bandanna you have ever used or seen before.

  • Bullard Wildfire Helmet FH911CR


    The C Series is the traditional cap style wildland helmet. The lightweight, low-profile design offers superior protection in all wildland firefighting conditions. FH911C Series helmets exceed all NFPA 1977 requirements, as well as ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, Type I, Class E & G.

    Other colors are available. Please contact our order desk for more information.

    Note: Limited stock on hand. Turnout time may vary.

  • Bullard Wildfire Helmet FH911HR $73.25


    Bullard H Series is a full-brim style wildland helmet. With a 360-degree brim, the H Series provides additional protection from sunlight, as well as airborne debris. FH911H Series helmets exceed all the requirements of NFPA 1977 as well as ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, Type I, Class E & G.

    *Other colors are available. Please contact order desk for more information.

    Note: Limited stock on hand. Turnout time may vary.

  • True North Alpha Jacket (Super Fleece)

    Offers lightweight, breathable, wind-resistant and water-repellant warmth. The permanent protection won’t melt, drip, or support combustion in the air. It cannot be washed out or worn away.

  • Pro-Tech 8 Wildland Firefighting Gloves $38.95

    The Pro-Tech 8 Wildland firefighting glove is specifically designed and constructed for hand protection during Wildland firefighting activities. The Pro-Tech 8 Wildland Glove is Certified Compliant to NFPA 1977:2016 Edition.


    Please contact us for better pricing!

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