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  • Elkhart Brass Model 470 Kit with Adjustable Hydrant Wrench, Spanner Wrenches, and Bracket $233.30

    This kit features one Model S-454 Adjustable Hydrant Wrench, two Model T-464 Universal Spanner wrenches, and a durable, lightweight Elk-O-Lite mounting bracket. The S-454 adjustable hydrant wrench is made to fit up to a 1.75” pentagon nut or 1.5” square nut. It can also be used as a spanner wrench on 2.5” pin lug couplings or on rocker lug couplings from 2.5” up to 5.0”. The wrench head is made of rugged, cast manganese bronze, with a chrome plated steel handle. The T-464 Universal Spanner Wrenches are perfect for tightening or loosening hose couplings up to 3.5” equipped with either rocker lugs or pin lugs. They are made of durable, lightweight Elk-O-Lite and also features a gas shutoff slot, hammer head, pry end, and hanger loop. Mounting bracket mounts either vertically or horizontally on apparatus for convenient accessibility. Quick, snap action release of tools.

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