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  • Ringers R630 Structural Fire Gloves $105.00

    The Ringers 630 Structural Fire Glove includes a waterproof barrier and is lined for thermal and flame resistance .

    • Developed with Ringers’ F3 Technology™  for superior dexterity and comfort.
    • Durable split cowhide leather on top of hand and palm provides maximum flexibility.
    • Constructed for optimum breathability
    • Certified compliant to the NFPA 1971:2018 Edition
  • LION Commander ACE Gloves $117.00

    Have an ACE up your sleeve!

    High-performance structural firefighting gloves with exceptional thermal protection, optimal dexterity and Advanced Cuff Engagement for easy donning and doffing.

  • LION Commander Gloves $117.00

    Extreme dexterity for extreme firefighting!

    High-performance, comfortable and NFPA 1971- certified thermal hand protection that’s always…ready for action!

    Note: Limited stock on hand. Turnout time may vary.

  • LION Primus Gloves $140.75

    Advanced structural firefighting glove

    Tough, reliable structural fire gloves with superior heat resistance and a dynamic 3-D design that provides maximum protection, dexterity and comfort.

    Note: Limited stock on hand. Turnout time may vary.

  • LION Victory Gloves $113.00

    Nothing feels better than Victory™
    Maximum Dexterity. Minimum Price.


    Flexible from the start thanks to 3-D structural glove design and unique materials, the new Victory glove offers the ultimate in comfort, features,and protection at a fraction of the price.

    Note: Limited stock on hand. Turnout time may vary.

  • Pro-Tech 8 Stinger Firefighting Gloves $53.95

    The Pro-Tech 8 Stinger is the only rescue glove on the market with a TPR flame-resistant and impact resistant outer shell.

  • Pro-Tech 8 Titan Pro Structural Firefighting Gloves $94.95$97.95

    The Rugged Pro-Tech 8 Titan Structural Firefighting Glove is Great for Every Task. The varied multi-layer design using Kevlar and Nomex enhances protection, durability, flexibility and comfort. Now certified to NFPA 1971-2018, each pair of Pro-Tech 8 Titan’s includes an independently certified Porelle PTFE moisture barrier. Our new moisture barrier provides the best chemical and viral protection while keeping your hands dry and maintaining breathability.

  • Pro-Tech 8 Vision Structural Firefighting Gloves $68.00

    The brand-new Vision™ structural firefighting glove offers Pro-Tech 8®’s legendary, battle-tested construction with added safety and visibility features – providing best-in-class durability, flexibility, and protection in the darkest and smokiest conditions. The comfortable, heavy-duty Vision™ glove is certified to NFPA 1971-2018 and introduces a hardwearing, prominent glow-in-the-dark band across the back of each glove that enables long-lasting visibility in low-light environments without requiring any exterior reflective light.

  • Pro-Tech 8 X+R Pro Rescue and Extrication Gloves $57.95

    The Upgraded Extrication Glove with Level 4 Cut and Puncture Resistance.

  • Pro-Tech 8 Wildland Firefighting Gloves $38.95

    The Pro-Tech 8 Wildland firefighting glove is specifically designed and constructed for hand protection during Wildland firefighting activities. The Pro-Tech 8 Wildland Glove is Certified Compliant to NFPA 1977:2016 Edition.


    Please contact us for better pricing!

  • Pro-Tech 8 X+R Gloves $52.95

    The SFI Certified Pro-Tech 8 X+R Glove is perfect for Extrication, Automotive, Racing and Emergency Rescue Use.

  • Pro-Tech TPR Gold Structural Firefighting Gloves $86.95

    The BRAND NEW TPR GOLD is the most comprehensive structural firefighting glove to date. Pro-Tech 8 TPR GOLD Structural Firefighting Gloves are Certified Compliant to NFPA 1971-2018 and feature an NFPA 1971-2018 Compliant Porelle PTFE Moisture Barrier. Our new moisture barrier provides the best chemical and viral protection while keeping your hands dry and maintaining breathability.

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