Wildland Equipment



Driven by innovation, True North was founded to create the finest equipment available. We didn't just focus on incremental improvements, but on radically improving the status quo. We began with lumbar packs and then proceeded to specialty packs and apparel with the same single-minded obsession for creating the most comfortable, best functioning, and highest quality gear available.


Ambry Equipment



We Manufacture and Supply initial attack firefighting tools.  When fires are small, every second is critical for extinguishing the fire.  Initial attacking a fire requires firefighters to be aggressive but at the same time provide for safety first.  That means that they are completely aware of there situation, LCES (a Plan), and they are going to fight fire with the best tools on the market to accomplish the job.

You want your firefighters to have every advantage to put the fire out.  Invest in your in your firefighters with tools that make them more efficient in protecting the community.

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Hot Shield USA


No facial protective gear delivers better protection against flame, heat, smoke, and ash than a Hot Shield face mask or helmet shroud constructed of CarbonX® fabric. And we've got the data to prove it. Competing products may meet "No Melt, No Drip" requirements for protective clothing, but our products exceed those standards and go above the norm in providing a persistent thermal barrier with minimal heat conductivity